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Who's Who at BAILII

Overall, official responsibility for BAILII rests with the Trustees.

The BAILII Trustees

Former Trustees

Advisory Council

Guy Beringer KC (Hon)Chair of Advisory Council, BAILII Trustee
Julie BishopLaw Centres Network
Paul Bowen KCBrick Court Chambers
Daniel HoadleyMishcon de Reya
Paul MagrathICLR
Professor Rachael MulheronQueen Mary University of London
Renate Ni UiginKing's Inns
Dunstan SpeightLincoln's Inn
Sophie WalkerJust Transcription / Just Access
Andrew WellsHerbert Smith Freehills
Loyita Worleyformerly Reed Smith
Patrick TorsneyBrixton Advice Centre


Former Trustees

Mr Laurie West-Knights QC, a founding trustee, resigned in May 2002 and was succeeded by Mr Freedman. Mr West-Knights devoted tireless energy, skill and enthusiasm to the establishment of BAILII, and we are very grateful to him.

Mr Paul McRandal died on 27 August 2002 at the age of 56. A Resident Magistrate in Northern Ireland, he brought much wise experience into the conduct of BAILII's affairs, and he will be very greatly missed.

Sir Henry Brooke was a driving force in establishing BAILII and was one of the key instigators of the "Free the Law" movement in the United Kingdom. As a judge of the Court of Appeal, he was responsible for modernising court processes. This included the introduction of electronic publication of judgments by the Royal Courts of Justice as well as the adoption of medium neutral citation which has now become standard for courts and tribunals in the UK.

Sir Henry was the inaugural Chair of BAILII and served in this role for over a decade. During this time, he oversaw the development of BAILII from its simple beginnings. His guidance and good humour were essential in making BAILII what it has become today. Sir Henry was a champion of free access to legal information not only for the UK, but for the whole common law world.

Lord Saville of Newdigate, a founding trustee, resigned in November 2011 and was succeeded by Guy Beringer QC. Lord Saville gave BAILII his sound advice on matters dealing with the running of BAILII as an organization and online service.

Clive Freedman resigned in June 2013. He was co-opted as a representative of the Society of Computers and Law in 2002 and appointed as a BAILII trustee on the 20th of June 2002. Clive's advice (and often hands-on work) in technical aspects of BAILII has been invaluable. As a Trustee he concerned himself with both BAILII's legal obligations and other legal matters as they arose - again his help in this area has been invaluable.

Professor John Mee, University College Cork resigned in June 2015. John was appointed as a BAILII trustee in November 1999. As a Trustee he established and oversaw the running of the Irish Legal Information Initiative (IRLII) a LII website that covers the Republic of Ireland jurisdiction. Over the years John devoted much time and effort to the "Free the Law" movement both as Director of IRLII and trustee of BAILII.

Robin ap Cynan died suddenly on the 16th of October 2015. Robin was a BAILII Trustee (representing The Law Society) since December 2003. He was always a welcome voice of reason concerning and his quick wit and good humor will be missed. Robin was a true champion of BAILII and all it stands for.

Sir Stanley Burnton, Chairman resigned on 09 June 2017. Stanley oversaw some of BAILII's difficult times - his influence in dealing with Ministry of Justice and wider legal profession was very important.

Jules Winterton, Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, who served on the Board of Trustees between 27 December 2000 and March 2018, was instrumental in providing a home for BAILII at IALS. Being in the same building as BAILII, he was always on hand to advise and help with administrative work that needed to be done. He liaised with the University of London on BAILII's behalf on many occasions and encouraged joint projects between BAILII and the IALS Library staff - one being the publication of the Privy Council judgments and papers. Jules was reappointed to the Board of Trustees in February 2023.

Professor Philip Leith, Queen's University Belfast resigned on 09 June 2017. Philip, appointed on 27 December 2000, with an interest in technology as it applies to law wrote several papers about BAILII and conducted several BAILII surveys. Philip arranged for the BAILII backup server to be hosted by QUB.

Professor Andrew Mowbray, University of Technology, Sydney on 16 March 2018, appointed on 27 December 2000. Andrew is a pioneer in the free access to law movement and created the SINO software that BAILII runs on. His experience gained from setting up LIIs around the world and helping to run AustLII and WorldLII always proved invaluable in the running of BAILII.

Professor Alan Paterson, University of Strathclyde on 16 March 2018, appointed on 27 December 2000. Was a strong advocate of BAILII amongst Legal scholars. Alan gave one of the more popular lectures in the BAILII Lecture series. His tenacity in debates concerning BAILII's role in the provision of the free access to law was invaluable.

Nick Segal stepped down on 15th March 2019 after long and dedicated service to BAILII. He was appointed in June 2012 and in addition to his sound and considered advice, he was in particular instrumental in securing the generous support of Freshfields for the annual Sir Henry Brooke Lecture and for the regular meetings of the BAILII Board of Trustees.

Professor Diamond Ashiagbor, University of Kent at Canterbury and formerly at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), resigned on 2nd February 2020. Diamond was appointed on 16th March 2018 and served as the representative of IALS on the Board.

Dr Patrick O'Callaghan stepped down in May 2021. He served as the Trustee from March 2015 representing the Republic of Ireland. As Co-Director of the Irish Legal Information Institute (IRLII), he liaised closely between IRLII and BAILII.

Professor Sir Ross Cranston stepped down in June 2022 having chaired the Board of Trustees since 2017. He established the BAILII Advisory Council, put fundraising on a professional footing, and led BAILII through government changes to the publication of England & Wales judgments.

Laurence Rabinowitz KC stepped down in November 2022 having served on the Board of Trustees since 2013. One of the leading silks of the Commercial Bar, Rabinowitz represented practitioners on the Board and provided BAILII with advice on many occasions throughout his long and valuable service.

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